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First of all, let me apologize for taking so long to write another post. It actually never occurred to me that someone might read this. My daughter set up the site to get me started, but I was not quite ready to do that.

Okay, I am going to take time here to address a different subject. One of my friends was considering going to a psychic and wanted my opinion of that action. What follows is an exerpt from a letter I wrote him:

I have some of my own psychic abilities but I  believe that mine are learned ones, resulting from my training. I believe most psychics are natural ones. They were born with their abilities, or their abilities came about in an unintended way suddenly.

We all see time as being linear which it is not. It is actually more circular and, as a result, someone with a broader vision can see a very malleable past, present and future. As an example take two men standing on a river bank. One man is standing on a small hill just above the river, while the other man is standing lower next to the water. A fishing boat is coming up the river, but there is a bend in the river so the man next to the water cannot see the boat. That fishing boat, therefore, is in the future for the man standing on the riverbank. As it passes in front of him it is in his present. After it passes him it is in his past. However, the man who is on the hill can see the boat as it is in all three of those places. He can see the past, present and future place of that boat, in relationship to the man on the river bank,  as it changes its progression on the river. And should the man, driving the fishing boat, change his mind and turn around then all of their futures are changed.

This is, of course, an overly simplistic but gives us the basic idea of why some of us can see things when others can’t. There is no real trick involved. It is mainly determined by our vantage point or our perception.


So, for a good psychic, it is relatively easy to seen an individual’s present and sometimes their past, but not always their future. In psychology you probably learned about “locus of control”. Strong willed, dynamic, intelligent people usually have an “internal locus of control”. That means they are their own man, so to speak. They are not easily swayed by the opinion of others; they are strong decision makers. A less individualistic person can be said to have an “external locus of control”. They tend to go more in the direction of where life pushes them. They may react to things rather than create their own possibilities. They can be heavily influenced by the thinking of others. It is far easier to predict the future of this latter group of people. Their path is far more predictable. It is more of a “what you see is what you get” sort of things.

Because we all have the gift of free will a psychic’s predictions are far less accurate for the first goup of independent thinking people. A good psychic will see what their future is only at that moment. Any individual is apt to change their future at any moment by changing the choices they are making. So, for me, the true value of a psychic is the road map they may give us of the direction we are going. If we don’t like that destination it is, perhaps, in our best interst to change our direction by changing our choices. If we wanted to go to San Francisco and we find ourselves, instead, headed for Los Angeles it may be a good idea to get onto another highway. It is the psychic equivalent of a physician telling a heart patient that unless he changes his lifestyle he is headed for a heart attack in his future’

There are psychics who are just not very good and some who are just plain fakes. Many people have so many problems in their own lives that, for them, looking at someone else’s life is like looking through a pair of dirty glasses. They may have good intentions but they just can’t see very clearly. And no good psychic will ever mention a truly bad situation. It would be like a teacher telling a student he is stupid. As humans we all have an unconcious tendency to create an expectation.  that is given to us. There are also many different types of psychics with different kinds of abilities but I will not go into that at this time.

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